Your first time in a motor home

If this is your first trip in a motorhome, the first thing to do is to decide which vehicle best suits your needs.

There are many options to choose from. To help you in your choice, we tell you what factors to take into account:

The first one is the weather, it is not the same to travel in summer than in winter, because our needs will be different, in summer we will spend much more time out of the vehicle than in winter so the vehicle you choose can be smaller.

The kilometers and the destination is something important to consider. If you are going to do few, better a big vehicle that gives you more space, but if your intention is to travel through cities or visit villages the ideal for you will be a small vehicle that gives you freedom and allows you to explore all its corners.

If you are one of those who likes to travel without being tied down and you are not into camping and you prefer to wake up with a view on a cliff, it would be convenient that you choose a vehicle with a built-in bathroom, especially if you go with children.

We have all kinds of vehicles in our fleet so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Once you have chosen a vehicle there are other things to take into account

When choosing the route, it is always best to have a plan B and decide at the last minute, depending on the weather and other factors, which will be the most appropriate. You also have to be realistic and not try to travel half of Spain in a weekend as it can be exhausting and not enjoy your trip as much as you expected.

And speaking of children, there are several things to take into account, some of which we have already mentioned, but it is important to know that they should travel with the same safety elements that we would use in any vehicle. Also and depending on their age we would not recommend making very long trips at once and take advantage of their sleep to move, it is also important to bring games, cards or pencils and coloring books, so that the trip is more fun.

Time to prepare the suitcase. Our advice is to avoid the big suitcases that will be very difficult to move inside the motorhome, also and as far as possible the rigid suitcases that once empty and everything placed in the cabinets can not be folded, because they occupy in the trunk a necessary space for other things. It is convenient to be objective and try to carry only what we are going to use.

Where to sleep our motorhome

You can usually sleep anywhere you are allowed to park. Where you cannot sleep is in natural or national parks and in places where it is not permitted by the Coastal Law.

We will explain the difference between overnight stays and camping, based on the legislation.

DGT regulation 08/V-74 states the following:

It is considered that while a vehicle is correctly parked, without exceeding the road markings delimiting the parking area, nor the time limitation of the vehicle, if any, it is not relevant that its occupants are inside the vehicle and the motorhome is not an exception. It is enough that the activity that can be developed inside the vehicle does not transcend to the outside by means of the deployment of elements that exceed the perimeter of the vehicle such as stalls, awnings, levelling devices, stabilization supports.

There is a growing network of motorhome areas where you can spend the night. Some are public and others private and each has its own rates and rules. You can consult the motorhome areas at the following link:

For those who are going to travel in high season, Easter and summer and want to go to a campsite we recommend you to book in advance. You can look at the following link:

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